#throwback 6 : how i met him (part I)

MAY 7, 2017


This is the story about how I met him.

20 September 2014
Started knowing you through WeChat (too embarrassed to admit but yeah that's the reality hiks) where WeChat now and then are far different. The vibes and environment of WeChat itself is changing. Kids nowadays have made WeChat looked cheap and very the rempitz chuols. Hahaha. But whatever.. I don't know now but thanks to it, I met you...

And of all people who add me, you are the only person that I approved and become my friend. Only you. Your profile picture played a big role, muka budak baik kot hahaha.. And the rest is history.

26 September 2014
A week after that, you message me saying that it is your birthday.
And you got free calls.
And you asked for my number. (smooth one eh haha)
And I gave it to you.
And you called me.
And we on the phone for 4 freaking hours weh! Gosh.. (nasib roommate balik time tu)
And yet I still don't know why I yielded so much things with you then.

4 October 2014
We were going out for the first time. And still don't know where the hell I got the courage to meet you sedangkan you're still a complete stranger to me at that time. Met at KL Sentral (one of my langkah bijak untuk jumpa a stranger is meet at crowded place 😝😝). Pergi Mid Valley, makan KFC, senang hati hahaha

One thing that catch my attention is you really look into detail where I don't sometimes. Bought me tiket balik sebab katanya kalau nak balik petang-petang ramai orang so nanti lewat. THIS! Betullah orang kata, the smallest gesture means so much. Indeed. And the rest is history.


Let's continue another time.
Oh yeah..
Today, I miss you. So much.


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