a long abandoned diary

APRIL 24, 2017


Clearly I am not an avid blog user. Liking doesn't mean I am a blogger. This is just a channel for me to express things. Just like a diary.

But now it's a long abandoned diary.

Sounds silly, but my blog do have a fan. Woahh!

Hye Fan,
I knew you waited so long for a post. I just don't have time cause after I started my intern everything was so unorganized. I couldn't dare to sacrifice my sleep cause the time was so limited. And i start work right after I finished my intern. I guess working is just not the same with study time. Plus I gain another year in my age (which i got tired so easily) so yeap AGE FACTOR! hahaha

Okay lah, will write more. Got so much to tell but doesn't know where to start. I'll sort it out first then will tell you later okay.