Letters to Ocean #1

SEPTEMBER 27, 2015


20 September 2015


hye dear.

wahh, a year passed by and yet you still by my side. even though we are not literally side by side hahaha.. setahun dah. lepas ni boleh brag kat orang la kita dah setahun kenal! kekeke

too many things happened within this one year period. good and bad. ups and downs. at first i tak pernah terfikir nak kawan dengan you selama ini. takdir Tuhan tu indah. i am amazed with it. you still stay with me despite all my weaknesses. i am so thankful.

i admit there is a time where i ragu-ragu dengan you. betul ke keputusan kita ni? tapi bila you pergi je berlayar then everything became cleared. as clear as crystal. fuhh hahaha (this is a confession!)

there's more coming and i hope we will stay side by side no matter what happen. stay safe dear! i'll wait for you at home. harap sangat dapat sambut yang kedua ketiga keempat kelima dengan you hahaha.. semoga kita makin matang

stay with me ye.. i really want to see you to the point where i want to buy a flight ticket and go to dumai right now or maybe naik bot and masuk secara haram hahhahah. if syamira 2/3 years back see this current syamira, she'll be laughing out loud cause this current syamira is so mushy, clingy and cengeng when it comes to her loved one! (thanks to you though!) hahahaha

thank you for staying :)
thank you for this wonderful 365 days knowing you :)
thank you for the memories :)

yours truly,

*don't know when you will read this but fyi dah pukul 12 waktu malaysia so dah masuk 20th*
*jangan nangis masa baca, nanti kalau engineer you tanya asal mata bengkak i taktau hehe*


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