never-ending insecurities

JULY 23, 2015



i should stop thinking about what others think or else i might be someone else who are not me.

tapi masalahnya, macam mana?

with these judgmental society,
where white is good and black is bad
where thin is pretty and fat is ugly
where people seek to befriend with someone from high class society and look down to poor
where your clothing brand define your personality
and many other things that define you instead of knowing you personally.

these society is killing me inside.

can anyone tell me how to ignore this never-ending insecurities?

"kawan-kawan semua dah start flawless, cantik, puberty hit like a truck, what so ever semua. tapi kau still like a potato or banananananana" - quote from twitter

can't you see it? they define cantik as flawless!


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